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Thanks to everyone for attending the EPE'13 ECCE Europe Conference. This edition was a great success with many scientific interactions between researchers and exhibitors. We hope you enjoyed it and keep good memories of your stay in Lille.

• The local greenhouse gas emissions, due to the conference, could be mitigated by planting trees and hedgerow groves in the Nord-Pas de Calais county. On March 13th, the project has been concretized.
More detail on the dedicated page (Webcast of this action)
• The photographs from the conference are now available online at:

• The webcasts of the keynote and industrial sessions located in the Vauban theater are also available at:
• Moreover, some additional interviews recorded by the Television Studio MEDEE in the exhibition hall are also available at:


Special days information

Special days are scheduled on the main topic of the conference "Power Electronics and Future Transport Systems" and also on "Smart Grids". Industrial keynotes, special sessions and discussion panels are organized to highlight the challenges and the future developments on these topics.

Welcome letter

The EPE Conference Committee invites you to come to EPE '13-ECCE Europe, the 15th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (and Exhibition), to be held in Lille, France. The conference follows previous successful conferences held in major university cities across Europe since 1985: Brussels, Grenoble, Aachen, Florence, Brighton, Seville, Trondheim, Lausanne, Graz, Toulouse, Dresden, Aalborg, Barcelona and Birmingham. This time, EPE '13-ECCE Europe will take place in a city located at the crossroads of Paris, Brussels and London, in an area renowned for its industrial background, its university life and the warm welcome of its inhabitants.

Situation map for Lille

Europe is a world leader in the field of Power Electronics, with well known research centers, industrial companies and many large academic laboratories in all main European countries. Since 1985, the EPE Conference has grown to become the largest in this field, regularly attracting the foremost technical contributors from industry and academia worldwide. In 2011, EPE Conference joined IEEE PELS society to become EPE-ECCE Europe Conference.

Power Electronics, as an enabling technology is becoming more and more important and is the basis for many industrial processes, for the rational use of energy, for new technologies in individual and mass transportation, areas that are rapidly growing requiring new concepts in order to fulfil cost, reliability, miniaturization as well as environmental requirements. The improvements of Power Semiconductor together with new advanced topologies and embedded systems are pushing Power Electronics towards high switching frequency and smaller, cheaper, and more efficient realisations, opening possibilities for new applications. Due to the new rules published by the European Commission on the electrical energy production, transportation and distribution, and also to the technical problems arising from the interconnection of different kinds of distributed energy production systems, high precision and reliable controllers are needed.

One of the purposes of this Conference is to enable the presentation and discussion of developments in the field of Power Electronics, with attendees coming from all over the world. The Conference is a shop window, where up-to-date research activities and products are presented. A characteristic trend from previous EPE Conferences has been an increasingly large industrial participation, which allows for enhanced exchanges between academia and industry.


Neoval - Siemens

In the Lille EPE'13 - ECCE Europe conference, a wide range of topics will be broached with a particular focus on clean transportation systems: in 1983, Lille and its suburbs was the first area in the world equipped with a fully automated light metro named the “VAL”, which was then exported to Seoul, Chicago and Torino. In 2013, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this world first, special events will be proposed in collaboration with industrial and economic partners concerned by the VAL.



Bike in Lille

Moreover, EPE’13-ECCE Europe will be held in a Carbon Care philosophy: before and during the conference, we will work in order to reduce its ecological footprint, then an estimation of the CO2 emission will be done and finally, a mitigation project will be proposed.





Vieille Bourse

We are certain that the atmosphere in Lille will provide a stimulating work environment and generate companionship between scientists, students and engineers from industry and academia.





Braderie de Lille

By attending the conference, you may also have the opportunity to visit the old quarter of Lille (with its cobbled streets) and dating back to the 17th century, the numerous museums as well as the modern part of Lille with great shopping malls. You may also make the most of the weekend just before the conference and discover the greatest flea market in Europe -the Lille Braderie- which takes place every year and gathers more than one million people.




We invite you to come to Lille, to explore and admire a city with a rich historic past but also looking to the future. Lille, a vibrant city that offers a magnificent backdrop to the meeting and exchanging of ideas at the unique, international event of EPE '13-ECCE Europe.


We look forward to welcoming you to Lille!

Yours sincerely,

Betty Lemaire-Semail
Prof. Betty Lemaire-Semail, General Chair
Alain Bouscayrol Philippe Le Moigne Benoît Robyns
Prof. Alain Bouscayrol Prof. Phillipe Le Moigne Prof. Benoît Robyns
co-chair co-chair co-chair