Based on a previous valuable experience in VPPC’10 (Lille, Sept. 2010), a carbon care team has worked to reduce the ecological footprint (Green House Gases, GHG, emissions) of EPE’13.

The carbon care action has been divided in three steps, plus awareness of the attendees:

The estimation of the total GHG emissions for the 1107 attendees of EPE’13 is 1530 tons of CO2 equivalent, with 34 % uncertainty.

By different actions, we have received specific funding to finance mitigation projects. As we received enough funds, we are able to mitigate all emitted GHG and EPE’13 will thus be a “Neutral Carbon Conference”.

For a local mitigation project, 40 volunteers have planted 1200 trees in March 2013, near Lille.

For an international mitigation project, the reforestation of a National Park in Argentina will be supported (in progress, to be finished in December 2014).

Thanks to all people who have supported this action!

The Carbon care team.